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etiquette / article Jan 15 2014

The Wedding Planning Binder

So, you decided to save some money and not hire a wedding planner. Many people have chosen this path before and lived to tell the tale! There are a few keys in a self-planned wedding.  

First, you’ll need an incredible support system, a crew of go-to people who know you and your soon-to-be spouse very well. These should be people that you trust to make decisions in a bind and who are willing to be up at dawn on the big day to help with the coordination! Second, you’ll need a killer honeymoon (a.k.a. light at the end of the tunnel!). And, finally, you’ll need a wedding organizer. Sometimes they go by binders, sometimes by wedding planning book, but whatever you call this catalogue, you’ll be relying on it heavily!  

Recently, a couple of lovelies asked us where they could turn for a great wedding planning binder. We scoured the interwebs to no avail! Our best suggestion is using Etsy. There are plenty of customizable options that would make these organizers LGBT friendly. There are empty binders in which you can place three-hole-punched pages and there are planners, complete with pages that guide you through the process. We think these are a better option. Regardless of whether this is your first wedding or not, they are complicated affairs and a pre-labeled planner can alleviate the stress of potentially missing details.  

A few of the keys in a good wedding planning binder are pages on budget, seating, guests, vendors, inspiration and a general checklist. With all of these elements together in one place, you’re bound to be able to stay coordinated. We encourage you to customize and personalize this binder. It should be something that makes you excited, not filled with dread.  

As much fun as it is planning a wedding, we suggest that you and your partner take one day a week where the wedding is not mentioned. This allows time for you to stay connected as a couple and set aside the stress of the event!

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