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etiquette / article Dec 27 2017

Best of 2017


A couple of years ago I did my first round up of the best weddings, engagements, styled shoots and such. It was kind of surreal, to be honest. As a blogger, my mind lives months in advance of today's date. You have to be prepared for upcoming holidays, you get posts ready to publish weeks in advance. That National Donut Day post that looks so nonchalantly featured? It's not. I essentially live my life in the future. That being said, it's nice to slow down, to look back and to relish at the joy and beauty of what I do on a regular basis.

I want to welcome you to 2017's round up! It is probably my favorite yet. It is diverse. It is inclusive. It represents the full breadth of what I always hoped H&H Weddings would be. It's fun. AND, the best part? It is brimming with inspiration for weddings and engagements. Which, frankly, is why you're here. 

So, let's start with Eleanor and Charlotte's moody London wedding! This beauty stopped us dead in our tracks. The attire, the floral crown, the pom poms thrown as the couple exited the ceremony. Pure magic. Check out more of this stunner here! {Photo Credit: Dale Weeks Photography}

You know when you have a secret so good you don't tell anyone for a while? You just keep it to yourself and revel in the joy it brings you? Yeah, that's exactly what I did when Erica & Cierra's Detroit wedding hit our inbox. I mean...LOOK AT THESE TWO! They are babes and their subtle art deco themed wedding really is beyond beautiful. You can see more of their wedding here! {Photo Credit: Meghan Melia Photography}

Kean and Corina were married in one of the best NYC locations I've found - The Metropolitan Building. This couple's love is palpable. They bring so much joy to each other and we were lucky to be able to share their story! {Photo Credit: Levi Stolove Photography}

Bobby & Caesar are one of those unfair couples. They are ridiculously good looking, their wedding was a dream (in Cabo!) and they are SO sweet together. It was incredible featuring their classic, elegant Mexican fête! {Photo Credit: Emma Hopp Photography}

I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't basically stalked this wedding before it was ever sent to me. I am a die-hard Cassie Rosch fan (how can you not be?!) and these brides were the epitome of really f*ing cool. Those ensembles? The way they look at each other? These are the brides I will forever wish I could be. Their wedding did not disappoint. The details were impeccable and it will go down as an all time fave, without question! {Photo Credit: Cassie Rosch Photography}

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